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How does it work?

The TechBenefits scheme is simple – through your employer, you can select from our huge range of cutting-edge technology, and pay for it out of your monthly salary over a specified period of time.

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What is a salary sacrifice?

When you agree to give up part of your gross salary for an agreed period of time this is a Salary Sacrifice.

As Salary Sacrifice is taken from gross salary (before tax) rather than net pay, you will not initially pay any tax or National Insurance on the amount. However, tax will be payable on the amount of the Salary Sacrifice.

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What products can I get?

We offer a wide and ever-expanding range of major leading brand technology including Apple, Bose, Microsoft, Samsung, MSI and many more. We cover everything from top of the range computers and televisions, down to everyday accessories that will help you to get the most out of your tech.

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How do I make an order?

Once your Employer has signed up with TechBenefits, they will share with you the online portal details. Login to the portal, choose your products, checkout and wait for your order to be approved by your Employer and then your selected products will be shipped to your nominated address.

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Do I have to sign anything?

There is an agreement between you and your Employer, that includes key information including the terms and conditions and the payments to be made by you in return for your selected products.

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Can I order more than one item?

Yes, as long as your order total does not exceed the maximum value set by your employer.

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When can I place my order?

You need to check with your Employer to get the portal dates. Some Employers allow you to order anytime of the year and others will open a window of time for orders to be placed.

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What happens if I leave my job?

If you leave your employment before your payments have ceased, your Employer will settle any outstanding balance from your final net salary payment.

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Can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your TechBenefits order up to 30 days from the date of delivery of your products. Please refer to the cancellation form provided when placing your order for details.

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What happens if I go on maternity, paternity or agreed unpaid leave?

Participation in TechBenefits scheme may affect your maternity/paternity benefit, you are advised to contact your HR Department.

If you take unpaid leave for any reason during the term of your agreement, payments can be suspended and recommenced on your return to work and the agreement extended accordingly.

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What happens if a product goes wrong?

We offer a full after-sales service, so should anything go wrong with your products, our in-house technicians can get things working again ASAP. Plus, as an Apple Authorised Service Centre, you can rest assured that our fully certified engineers know their stuff.

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