Techies with the
human touch.

We’re not just some faceless
employee benefits supplier who
happens to work with technology.
We’re enthusiasts – techies, if you
will – who’ve been helping people
get more out of their equipment for
over 25 years as part of Farpoint.

Taking Farpoint’s
expertise further.

Farpoint is one of the UK’s leading experts on Apple technology and cross-platform integration. In simple terms, we help businesses and private clients to purchase the right technology and then get the best from it. And we do it with training, workshops and business support services.

How it works

Sacrifice nothing.

Sacrifice nothing.

Every day we sacrifice fun for function. Consumed by emails,
meetings and to-do lists, we’re left with little time to enjoy the
money we’re working so hard to earn and the material
pleasures it can bring.

TechBenefits is fixing that. By helping employees to take
home exciting technology with no financial hassle and no
waiting, we’re bringing the joy to desks of forward-thinking
businesses across Britain.

And when people feel like they’re getting more from their
company, the company gets more from its people. All at no
extra cost.

Meet our team.

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Staff member Laura
Staff member Louise
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All things Apple

Go ahead, make their day.

Techbenefits is more gratifying. With just a small monthly salary deduction, employees unbox new technology to make them smile without any hassle or delay. And because happy people make happy teams, you benefit from an engaged, motivated workforce at no extra cost to your business.

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